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High degree of user-friendliness

Quickly and easily train your new employees and get efficient staff who create good customer experiences. ViKING Commerce is intuitive and easy to use, saving you valuable time in training.

Table Management

Get all the information on each table on a single receipt. With ViKING Commerce, you can add orders to the table continuously – i.e. desserts and drinks.

Integration with ERP

Information appears directly into your ERP solution and gives you real-time decision support. ViKING Commerce integrates naturally with most ERP systems.

All-in-one restaurant solution for fast food, cafes and family restaurants

Production Management

Optimise work in the kitchen with dynamic kitchen printing and touch-screen kitchen displays. ViKING Commerce keeps track of tasks in the kitchen, so that customers are served the right orders at the right time. Managing a drive-in is also possible.

  • Kitchen printing and touch-screen kitchen displays
  • The right orders at the right time
  • Possibility of managing the drive-in

Raw Material Warehouse Management

Get an updated overview of your raw material inventory. ViKING Commerce keeps track as raw materials are consumed. That way, you build valuable statistics that can help you avoid waste or shortages of raw materials in the future.

  • Updated overview of your raw material stock
  • Building valuable statistics
  • Avoid waste or shortages of raw materials

Chain Management

Get a centralised view of the numbers across the entire business. ViKING Commerce gathers today’s numbers and sales from all restaurants, so you have all the numbers in one place. You can also create and update all the menus, pricing and promotions centrally.

  • Central overview of all the restaurants’ numbers
  • Central configuration and updating of menus, prices and promotions

Table Layout

Make life easier for your employees. ViKING Commerce gives you a realistic and visual overview of the restaurant and all the tables. This way, it is easy for employees, and they can safely attend to and take orders from the tables they serve.

  • Realistic and graphic overview of the restaurant
  • An overview for employees

Loyalty and customer clubs

Strengthen your relationship with your customers, and keep them, with loyalty and customer clubs. ViKING Commerce supports all means of loyalty promotion, such as membership cards, gift cards and vouchers – and it is geared for the future. All data is stored in the ViKING Commerce database and can be accessed in real time.

  • Membership cards, gift cards and vouchers
  • All data is stored and can be accessed in real time

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